Catch Up on LOFD (Vol. 2) - Previous Blog Posts

There are lots of exciting things happening as the new year begins. From finishing up Core-ography's Share Your Story fundraising campaign to moving to NYC this week, and being asked to be a part of an exciting project. There is even more exciting news on its way in the next few weeks that I can't quite announce yet. While I can't share this news yet, I am making a preemptive move and updating my past list of blogs for those of you who are joining the freelancing party. I have been blogging about the freelance lifestyle for nearly 4 years at this point and the topics I have written on are vast. Catch up on LOFD and peruse what has come before. And please stay tuned for new content soon. 

List of Previous Blogs:
124. See Blog Posts 1 -123 Here

125. "Create Your Own Project" series - Fiscal Sponshorship

126. Teaching at Peridance Capezio Center - May 6, 13, and 16
127. "Create Your Own Project" series - Writing a Fundraising Letter

128. Core-ography gains attention in Philly Magazine

129. "Create Your Own Project" series - Writing Your Own Budget

130. Travel Post - It is Only an Airport - CALM DOWN!!!!!

131. What Have I Been Up To? - AK-BK Contemporary Ballet Workshop

132. "Create Your Own Project" series - Make a Crowdfunding Campaign

133. 8 Things You May Not Know About Me

134. Cultivating Your Outgoing Personality in New Work Environments

135. A Positive Look At My Recent Failure

136. Help Core-ography Meet It's Goal - Final 3 Days of Fundraising Campaign

137. LOFD Reaches Major Milestone - How My Life Has Changed Since I Began Freelancing

138. Core-ography - "A Global Dance Storytelling Project" Preview

139. Presenting Core-ography - "A Global Dance Storytelling Project"

140. Giving Everything For Your Art (or Not)

141. Core-ography - Our New Artist Preview and Choreographer's Vlog

142. Core-ography Explores Coping with Death

143. Letter to My Teenage Self

144. Core-ography Takes on Substance Abuse

145. 8 Gifts My Career Has Given Me

146. Share Your Story Campaign & My 12 Favorite Experiences of 2015

147. 16 People Who Have Greatly Influenced My Life

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