Core-ography: "A Global Dance Storytelling Project" - Preview

Over the past few months, I've been writing a "Create Your Own Project" series as I have been developing my own project, Core-ography: "A Global Dance Storytelling Project." Well, I've definitely been creating over the past few months. And now I am finally in a place where I can start showing you the fruits of my efforts. After working hard to gain fiscal sponsorship, determining my budget, reaching out to friends and colleagues for private donations, and running a successful crowdfunding campaign, I finally made it into the studio to create my art. Enjoy this preview of my recent week interviewing, choreographing, and filming Pennsylvania Ballet Principal Dancer Lauren Fadeley speaking about how she fell out of love with ballet, quit New York City Ballet, and slowly found her way back to the beautiful art form of ballet. Enjoy!



  1. The project you're working on is truly inspiring. The idea of Core-ography is really well-thought out, incredible, and a great way for dancers to express how they feel through doing what they love. Really, great work :)

    1. Madelyn: Thanks! I'm really pleased with this project. It's currently on hiatus while I determine the best way to continue funding the project to pay these incredible artists and for transportation costs. Stay tuned!