Ballet Techniques Uncovered

I know that this is generally a blog about freelance work as a dancer, but every once in awhile I like to include some content that I feel is extremely valuable to my readers. And this post falls right in the realm of content that is fully appropriate (and helpful) for all of you who come here for valuable information on dance.

Students at the Vaganova Ballet Academy
Over the past few weeks, I have been working my ballet-toned rear-end off to create this immense resource for anybody that is curious about the art form of ballet. On my podcast, Pas de Chát: Talking Dance, on the Premier Dance Network, I researched and interviewed experts on 7 international training methodologies in ballet technique to provide accessible information explaining the background and execution of these methods. Our contributors include the Artistic Director of New York Theatre Ballet, Principal of Ballet West Academy, Faculty at the School of American Ballet, American Ballet Theatre's JKO School, and Houston Ballet Academy, and more! Additionally, I have crossover-collaborated with Pirouettes from the Past host, Dr. Melissa Klapper, as a part of this episode series. On Dr. Klapper's channel, she talks about the history behind a few of the techniques mentioned.

So, if you are interested in learning about Vaganova, Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), Cecchetti, French (Paris Opera Ballet), Balanchine, Bournonville, or Cuban training methods, please feel free to click the links below and give these episodes a listen! Enjoy!

Ballet Techniques Uncovered (Part 1)
Ballet Techniques Uncovered (Part 2)
History of "Ballet Techniques" - Pirouettes from the Past

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