CONTACT (2nd edition) - In case you missed it

All Photo Credit: Patrick Mackin
A lot has happened since I threw the 2nd edition of CONTACT: A networking event connecting freelance dance artists. I've had 3 auditions (one being my first vocal audition), went to Los Angeles for a week, taught at the Mid-Atlantic Ballet's summer intensive, moved to a new apartment, threw a yoga event in Philly, and spent two weeks workshopping a project to create an excerpt of a piece that may potentially become a much larger show. While all of this craziness has been happening, I still haven't forgotten the feeling that I had the night of this event.

Giving away door prizes
Each time I think of this night of networking, it brings me a sense of happiness and pride. It is something that our community needs. And I am not just saying this because I threw it. The proof is in the immense response from our dance community as a whole. Not only did we have nearly 50 freelance dancers present at this event. We gave away door prizes and items that were donated by organizations and practitioners including Dance Magazine, New York City Center, Dance/USA, Sansha, Lyquid Talent, Armitage Gone! Dance, Fusco Knitwear, Career Coaching, Bodywork, and Gyrotonics. These companies and individuals understand the difficulty that is the greatest challenge of one of the most creative communities in the world.

Welcome to CONTACT
As I take in the success of this event and brainstorm how to bring greater resources to our community in the future, I want to leave you with a Phlog (photo blog…I made that up). It is great to hear about creative artists enjoying a greatly needed platform, but truly seeing their faces, their happiness, their connecting, their need, and their sense of community will stay with you longer than my gloating. So, please enjoy and feel free to leave a comment at the end of this post answering the same question that I asked all of the freelancers present at CONTACT. What resources do you need/put off because of the challenges of surviving the life of a freelance dancer? Cheers to the success of this event and many future ones!

Dancers connecting with dancers
Christopher Rudd, choreographer, & Brian Gephart, former Joffrey dancer

Catching up - Luke Manley, Suzanne Farrell Ballet, & Jennifer Goodman, former Joffrey

Elizabeth Walker, Los Angeles Ballet, and myself

Andrew Scordato, New York City Ballet, chatting w/ Mina Lawton, full-time freelance artist
New York City Center winner, Oliver Swan-Jackson (Suzanne Farrell Ballet), in glasses and bow tie

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