Video Break - Performing as Cassio in "Othello" w/Alaska Dance Theatre

As you all know, I am currently in Anchorage dancing with Alaska Dance Theatre for three months. I am about halfway through my time here. We are currently working on our second program of performances, which includes rep created by the Artistic Director, Gillmer Duran, and a new piece by San Francisco-based choreographer, Amy Seiwert. Everybody has been asking me what it is like to dance in Alaska and what the dance scene is like here at Alaska Dance Theatre. Well, here is a treat for all of those who have been wondering. Here is a clip of me performing alongside Artur Sultanov (former Principal dancer with Oregon Ballet Theatre) in last season's production of Gillmer Duran's Othello. In this scene, I am performing as Cassio, who has just been stripped of his recent promotion to chief lieutenant in the Venetian army that Othello honored him with due to a drunken brawl that Iago had slyly concocted. As Cassio finds himself at a low point, Iago steps in and convinces him to speak to Desdemona, Othello's wife, to ask for her assistance in getting his promotion back. Little does Cassio know that Iago is really planning to incite jealousy in Othello by persuading him that Cassio and Desdemona are having intimate relations. Enjoy!

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