Working with what you have

Just a little view into my everyday life. Yesterday, I had rehearsal for a dance film that I am taking part in, which I can't talk much more about without consent. But, that is besides the point. I wanted to save a little money/sleep in yesterday. So, I planned to wake up and head on over to the gym to give myself a good stretch and barre, with a hint of center work. I don't know why, but I am always convinced that I don't remember the time of rehearsals/classes. So, I am constantly going back to emails and websites to make sure that I am not missing anything. Well, I checked the gym schedule to make sure that the studio I use to warm up in would be available and this time my paranoia actually worked to my advantage. There was a class starting in less than a half hour, which would leave me no time to warm up. So, class at home it was.

Stretching on the kitchen counter
I am lucky enough that my partner and I have an apartment with hardwood floors and that our bedroom has enough space that I can at least extend my legs in most directions (depending on the angle that I stand) without hitting anything. So, I started off stretching in the kitchen and living room, as it has the most wall space and surfaces that are at a good height for me. Once I felt stretched enough, I headed into the bedroom to get on with my warm-up class.

Once in the bedroom, I set up my computer which has ballet class music loaded onto it (that was generously given to me by my friend Rachel, who is a Philadelphia-based freelance dancer and teacher). I really enjoy using these particular CD's, as many of the tracks are lengthy and there are enough to give you multiple speed options for each combination. I have a few combinations that I always perform when I am warming myself up, but I make sure that I always change up combos beyond those 3 or 4. Even though I am giving myself my own class, I don't want to get bored or only work the same muscles over and over again. I also try my best to create combinations that wont let me slack. I try to add a different balance after every other combination to make sure that my standing leg is always strong. I feel creating a solid base to work on is the most important thing as a dancer. Lastly, I always skip grand battements when I am warming up at home. I have enough space to move around without kicking things if I am moving slowly and can gauge where my legs are going, but I don't want to risk hurting myself by quickly throwing my legs into the air. Often, I will do a few combinations away from barre work that mostly involve tendues and balancing on releve to make sure that I am secure and ready for my day.

My goal is to make it into class at least 5 days a week, sometimes my rehearsal schedule starts during my first option for class. At other times, I just need to save a little bit of money and my schedule conflicts with when studios are open at the gym. For this reason, I just have to work with what I have. Warming up and maintaining my technique are very important to my body, mindset, and career. Don't think that scheduling or money have to stop you from staying in shape or preparing yourself for your workday. Stay tuned for future posts. At some point, I plan on posting a typical self-warm up ballet barre for those that need a little bit of assistance in creating combinations.

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